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Board of Directors 

Virtual EMA has been blessed to have a number of incredible supporters and leaders within our organization. All of our Officers and Directors serve in a volunteer capacity. We are grateful for their service and commitment to the mission and vision of improving community resilience through social and collaborative communications. 

Pascal Schuback, President

Pascal Schuback has worked in the emergency management field for over 18 years. He has been involved in virtual coordination responses including the earthquakes of Haiti, New Zealand, Japan, Hurricane Sandy, Typhoon Yolanda and many large scale forest fires. He is passionate about integrating technology, social media and drones to aid in public safety and disaster response globally. 

He volunteers as the Managing Director of Crisis Commons, a global network of volunteers who use creative problem solving and open technologies to help people, agencies and communities in times of crisis. Examples include Virtual Operations Support Teams that support incidents including forest fires; flooding; earthquakes and winter storms globally and a university based global situational awareness tool for travel security. 

Caroline Milligan, Secretary

As a former UK police officer with policing experience in the United States and New Zealand, Caroline brings insight and practical experience working within highly regulated and accountable environments. She has been involved in virtual coordination responses including earthquakes in New Zealand, counter terrorism responses in Australasia, active shooter incidents in the US and many large scale wildfires.

Caroline is based in New Zealand and speaks regularly at national and international emergency management conferences; provides counsel to Australasian government agencies on social media implementation and delivers social media for intelligence gathering and investigative training to the criminal justice sector, and public safety, security and emergency management audiences.

Chris Tarantino, At-Large Member (Education)

Christopher Tarantino, CMCP, has almost 10 years experience in emergency management & response and has acted in a variety of positions across the public and private sectors, including roles at the volunteer, local, county and federal levels. Chris serves as a Subject Matter Expert/Instructor for the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, a Digital Communications Specialist for FEMA, Vice-Chair of the International Association of Emergency Management's Emerging Technology Caucus and as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT, HAZMAT Technician and Rescue Specialist with the Monroe County Special Operations Unit in New York.

Chris is a certified Crisis Management Communications Professional and is the CEO of Epicenter Media & Training, a crisis/emergency management consulting and training agency with a focus on technology and information/communications management; he leverages his social media, public information, and emergency management communications expertise to help government and public safety organizations communicate to citizens in times of disaster.

Scott Reuter, At-Large Member (Volunteer & Community Orgs)

Scott is an NDPTC subject matter expert for social media and disasters and NDPTC course instructor, and a FEMA DCSP Digital Communications Specialist reservist. He is active in the #SMEM (Social Media in Emergency Management) and #VOST (Virtual Operations Support Team) initiatives, is on his local CERT Team and ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) group, and is past president of Oregon VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster).

Scott also serves on the IAEM Emerging Technology Caucus and the Department of Homeland Security's Virtual Social Media Working Group.

Cecile Glassy, At-Large Member (Private Sector)

[bio to be added]

Dr. Lise St. Denis (Education Sector)

[bio to be added]

Cheryl Bledsoe, Executive Director

Cheryl Bledsoe served for 10 year as a local emergency manager. She now works as a technology manager in the 9-1-1 community although continues to work with the emergency management community on Virtual Operation Support Teams and drafting social media curriculum for educational institutions. 

Cheryl has been responsible for implementing local, regional and state social media footprints which have included policy development, website redesign and managing blogs, Facebook Fan page and Twitter communications.  She served on the Department of Homeland Security’s inaugural Virtual Social Media Working Group for 3 years. 


Virtual EMA is a registered public charity with 501(c)(3) status. 

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